Lakota Ceremony Songs

Traditional Lakhóta (Lakota) Ceremonial Songs

These are sacred Lakhóta sweat lodge and traditional sun dance ceremonial songs for the Spirit Horse Nation family to download, learn and practice. You may only work with these sacred ways if you are committed to walking the Red Road. If you don't know what that means, then this is where you begin: Click Here

If you are on the Red Road, but unfamiliar with the Lakota ways of these songs, then your next step is to learn how to respect and honor the language, pronunciation and use of these sacred songs: Click Here. To learn specific Lakota language pronunciation, click here

Download Songs

In Lakhóta culture it is considered a good trade to offer something in exchange when you receive something of value. These songs are free to listen to at the link below, but you may choose to make an offering to honor our indigenous ways to download the songs here:

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