The Red Road



The "Red Road" is a metaphor for living a spiritual way of life. Oglala Sioux medicine man and holy man, Black Elk, spoke of the all the people on the red road as being one interconnected circle of people that made a sacred hoop. Only you can walk your journey, but many are on the road.


"Walking the Red Road" is a deep sense of obligation and a meaningful personal commitment to purposefully live your life each day practicing and embodying The Seven Sacred Virtues of the Lakota. Some people are standing on the road, and some people are walking on it. Are those walking the red road seeking perfection? No, they are simply walking in the right direction in a good way and they have seven sacred virtues that guide them. The Lakota received these virtues from the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman who brought Sacred Pipe to the people. The stem of the pipe represents the male and the bowl represents the female. When the stem of the pipe is merged with the bowl, the pipe comes alive and empowered with The Seven Sacred Values of the Lakota:

1. Wóčhekiya - Prayer

2. Wičákha - Honesty

3. Wahwala - Humility

4. Waúnšila - Compassion

5. Waóhola - Respect

6. Wawokiye - Generosity

7. Wóksape - Wisdom

Those interested in walking the red road start with becoming familiar with these seven values. When learning them, you must control your anxious mind and be patient - there is no rank, level or social status to achieve. Study these values, practice them, learn the sacred ceremonial songs, participate in sweat lodge ceremony and be genuine and diligent in honoring these ways. Honor the gift of the vision whereas Wakan Tanka blessed the covenant of Native Ways becoming Human Ways to those that walk the red road.

If you don't have access to a local indigenous Native American community to help you learn these ways, we have an online community opening soon, where there will be classes and discussions about The Seven Sacred Values of the Lakota and other teachings on indigenous Native American spirituality.