Educating & Mobilizing The Tribe

A H.O.M.E. Camp is made up of a group of people called Spirit Riders that meet up and apply the principles of the Mother Earth Lifestyle to the projects and causes the Camps develop and support. The principles are based on indigenous ways and modern methods of conscious living, mindful consumption and collective impact. Camps work independently to organize, mobilize and have a meaningful impact in their local community and the earth we inhabit.

The most direct path to meaningful impact and change is through grassroots movements. H.O.M.E. Camps identify and work on the root causes of community and environmental problems and engage these issues with a long-term commitment to change. Spirit Riders are here to flip the switch with what's wrong in our communities and the environment, and to support those who are doing good in this world.

Camps are innovative groups with specific objectives and action plans, and the Spirit Riders who work behind the scenes and on the front lines to bring those plans to life.

Do you feel called to become a Spirit Rider? Interested in Joining or Starting a H.O.M.E. Camp? Join us!

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."

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